The First Tree Competition

Short Version, for a Skit

Narrator.- No one could have imagined that the first tree competition ever held on earth would be so memorable or that it would end so unexpectedly. 

Judge. Let’s bring in the first contestant. I can see your name is Magnusio. (looking up)))))  What do you have to say? 

Magnusio.- I am, no doubt, a giant tree

And no tree is taller than me.

Above me there’s only a cloud

Beneath me there’s always a crowd!

Since taller than me, there is none

Dear Judges, I am number one!

As others look up, they’re impressed;

they know I’m the best of the best.

Judge.- “Yes, let's give Magnusio a hand. Do you, by any chance, happen to have any other qualities besides that of your amazing height?”

Magnusio.- I am awe-inspiring, but have no other qualities, your honor.

Judge.- Thank you, Magnusio. Let’s invite the second tree. No offense intended, but you look like a regular tree, why is your claim to fame?

The Rose.- 

“I should ask you, with foresight,

not to consider tree height.

Anybody can be small!

Anybody can be tall!

Please consider other traits

as the champion yet awaits.

I speak now for my descendants,

of this earth the future tenants,

who will have reputed fame,

and shall have such a good name.

Yes, just as everyone knows

My distant child is the Rose.

The Rose, my Rose, so unique,

with such powerful mystique.

The king, ruling an empire,

will always have the desire,

obeyed, without much delay,

to give the queen a bouquet.

The emperor and the tsar

will pay much and travel far

and forever be content

just to breathe in my sweet scent.

Consider what I will be

Award the grand prize to me!

Judge.- “It's not who you are, but the great achievements by your offspring?

Rose.- “One day, in the language of humans, someone will say that a tree is to be judged by its fruits. 

Judge.- You got a point there, Rose. Thank you, and please, let's here it for the Rose. Let’s bring in the next tree, please. She responds to the name of Primia. Go ahead, Primia. You also look like just an average tree. What is so special about you?

Primia.- “It is time to say my piece:

In my life there is no myst’ry.

While I am a simple tree,

I possess tremendous hist’ry.

One of my direct ancestors

was that early pioneer:

He was the first on this lake!

He was the first to appear!

He was a heroic tree,

and thus, I am a patrician.

I deserve to be the winner

of this august competition.


Judge.-In your case, you ask that I consider your ancestor’s heroism. 

Primia.- Yes, your Honor, and thank you.

Judge.- So noted. May I ask for a round? I can see that Robustus is next. (Judge walks around surrounding a very wide tree). Go ahead, Robustus.-


“Believing what I’ll tell you may be hard

But you will hear a fact you can’t discard.

Why, I can grow new trunks from any limb

and I can do this feat just at my whim.

I grow some of my limbs toward the skies,

while others just go down! What a surprise!

But yes! I can achieve the greatest girth

and be the widest tree found on this earth

The shoots that pierce the ground will grow new roots

Those are, without a doubt, great attributes.


Judge.- You are indeed the widest tree in the region. 

Robustus.- Undoubtedly, your honor, and worthy of receiving your award. 

Judge.- I thank you, Robustus. You deserve a hand as well! It is now Velocitia’s turn to speak. May I ask if it is Velo-CI-tia or Veloci-TI-a?

Velocitia.- It is Veloci-TI-a, your Honor.

Judge.- Thank you, Ms. Velocitia. Please go ahead.


“Today, you will hear what I say.

for I am a notable tree

My growth is incredibly quick:

And this isn’t so hard to see.

But who could deny that I’m fast?

Though I was a minuscule seed,

Please look at how big I’m today.

I grow, and I grow, with great speed.

Observe how my beautiful limbs

grow out, and you won’t disagree!

You must disregard all the rest!

Deliver the grand prize to me!


Judge.- Thank you, Ms. Velocitia. Wow, I believe you even grew a few feet while you spoke. Audience, shall we give her a round? Thank you. Allow me now to introduce our next contestant. By the way, she will be known by humans as a willow tree. 

Willow.- “I thank you for hearing my plea

with which I compete in this bout:

I have a most flexible trunk

a trunk that is smart, there’s no doubt.

The fearsome wind that often blows

and brings destruction all around

will never damage my soft limbs

while tearing giant trees aground.

My leaves, my limbs, and yes, my trunk

will gently bend and just conform,

with much intelligence and wit,

to those great forces of the storm.

I was created to survive:

I am most shrewd and very smart.

My mind, I tell you, is unique!

I do believe I’m set apart”

Judge.- So, in a smart way, you bend your trunk and branches and never have to worry about the wind. That is smart, and you claim to be smartest tree of all. Interesting! Thank you, and let's here it for the willow tree. That was our last contestant. I will pronounce my verdict after I review my notes. Please give me a minute.

((Judge pretends someone in the audience calls for his attention))) What? No. Nobody else applied.

What? You nominate Fructumus? Well. I don’t see why not. What do you think, Audience, should we allow Fructumus to come up?  Ok, thank you.

Come on down, Fructumus. What do you have to say? Why are you competing?


“It has never been my mission

to enter this competition”

Judge.- We can see that your limbs are laden with fruit. Is that why you think you deserve to win?


“The Lord, our God, dictates what I should do,

which is, indeed, to render loads of fruit.

And what I say to you is always true:

I’ve tried to yield much fruit since I took root.


And thus, all this hard work under the moon

has rendered all my fruits: my handiwork.

I toiled for many months, and very soon,

you’ll witness the result of all my work.


As I obey my God, I simply toil

and yield my fruit when August comes around.

I’m conscious that my roots are in the soil

and humbly run my laden limbs aground.


I truly wish to thank the judging board,

but I don’t think I merit an award.”

Judge.-“I had always thought that your branches bowed down because of the weight of your precious fruit. You are telling me that they run aground because that is actually your wish?”

Fructumus.-“It is in my essence to avoid fame and notoriety. Especially, when the fruits of my labor become evident for all to see. I strive to be prolific because I can feed the many small animals and insects that live with us in this, our picturesque home. I am very happy that my fruits make my branches go down low. Who cares if you don’t notice me?  More animals will be able to reach them that way. 

Judge.- I don’t have to see my notes. I declare Fructumus the undisputed winner of the first ever tree competition. Let’s give him a hand, please!  

What do you have to say, Fructumus?   ((NO RESPONSE)))

You have lowered all your limbs to the ground. You are as small and insignificant as ever. Your succulent fruits are easily reached by a plethora of animals. Look at him, lovely Audience: the most famous tree in the world is full of life and hope, unselfishly prodigal, solemn, and immensely humble. 

Please, Fructumus, tell us, at least, is there a moral to this story?

Fructumus.- The moral of the story is: “The most successful tree should always bow down in humility.”